25 of the Best Websites, Apps, and Plugins to Help Students Succeed

Tech savvy students today have a plethora of possible technologies that can help them become better students. These include new websites, applications, browser plugins and other innovative advancements. The following are our favorite tools to help students improve their grades, efficiency, and lives. Enjoy!

1. Cramster.com

Cramster.com is an online community offering homework help to high school and college students. Cramster facilitates communication between students. It also has expert homework help and interactive textbook guides available with a premium membership. Cramster also runs the Facebook app Courses 2.0, which allows students to share their class schedule and form study groups with others in the same classes.

2. iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez Pro iPhone app is a sophisticated and very customizable planner to help you keep track of all your class information and time commitments. In addition to creating nearly any style of schedule, you can link information such as the professor’s email and office hours to each class. iStudiez Pro allows you to code time commitments by color and icon.

3. ipl2

ipl2 is a free website that features lists of trusted links on a variety of academic topics, including research and writing, literary criticism, and United States history. Also available at ipl2 are a 24/7 “ask a librarian” service and areas of the site tailored to kids and teens.

4. ScrapBook for Firefox

ScrapBook is an extension for the web browser Firefox that saves entire web pages or blurbs from web pages to your desktop, along with the page’s address. With ScrapBook you can easily locate information found online even when you are not connected to the Internet, and you can write bibliographies much more quickly with all your sources organized in one place.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a free app available for the Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. With Evernote, you can take notes in text, image, or audio recording. Any notes you make are automatically available on the Internet and on your home computer, so you can access them whenever you need to.

6. Information Literacy

Information Literacy, at http://www.webs.uidaho.edu/info_literacy/, is a tool to learn web research skills. The site helps students search for, evaluate, and share academic information on the web. It features learning modules that are easy for web beginners to navigate.

7. Mint

The Mint app for Android and iPhone helps students manage their budget, leaving them more time for academic pursuits. Mint offers tools to help you keep track of spending, keep debt under control, and manage savings and investments.

8. Grade Genie

Grade Genie at www.gradegenie.com is a free online community that allows students and professors to share their work and study materials with others. It also offers students the opportunity to earn money by organizing get-togethers to spread the work about Grade Genie.

9. Cram

Though pricier than some other apps on this list, Cram for iPhone can be in invaluable study tool. It allows users to create a variety of study aids, from quizzes to flash cards, to cram for tests on the go. Students can also share the tools they create with friends.

10. SparkNotes

SparkNotes offers study materials on a wide range of subjects, including literature, science and math, psychology and sociology, and even drama. It also has standardized test prep materials, a blog about academic life, college advice, and message boards to network with other students. Video guides to works of literature are also available.

11. Kaka Flashcards

This free Android app features downloadable flash cards on a variety of subjects, and also allows you to make your own. It offers the benefits of flashcards without the hassle of carrying around a stack of index cards and allows for effective studying on the go.

12. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com and its sister site Thesaurus.com are free services available on the web and the iPhone. In addition to a dictionary and thesaurus, the site features a word of the day and etymological information.

13. Margins

Margins for the iPhone and iPod Touch allow students to jot notes down in one place rather than in the margins of books. Margins not only keeps books free of scribbling so they are easier to resell when the semester is over, but also keeps notes organized by book and page and easily searchable.

14. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a free online collection of literature in the public domain. Many classics taught in school are available for free, so students can save significantly on books. Project Gutenberg texts can be downloaded to an iPhone or e-reader.

15. Class Buddy

Class Buddy and the pay version Class Buddy Pro help students keep track of class schedules and grades. The Pro version adds functionality to enter grades for individual assignments, keeping a running tally of performance in each class throughout the quarter, semester, or year.

16. Cliff’s Notes

A longtime favorite of students in their analog form, Cliff’s Notes literature guides are now available as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The app features interactive quizzes and audio materials as well as comprehensive textual materials on great works of literature.

17. Grade Fund

Grade Fund allows students to earn money for good grades, helping them cover academic costs and save for higher education. Grade Fund links students with sponsors willing to pay cash as an incentive for academic excellence. Students invite sponsors and upload their transcripts to earn money for themselves or their school.

18. ShareNotes.com

ShareNotes.com offers users the choice of downloading other students’ class notes or selling their own for extra cash. ShareNotes has an extensive database of class notes from over 100 schools and monitors posted material for quality and plagiarism. In addition to cash, users earn points for everything they do on ShareNotes.com that they can spend on rewards.

19. myHomework

This free iPhone app allows students to organize assignments and due dates. Assignments can be color coded and viewed as a list or on a daily or monthly calendar. The app also alerts you to upcoming deadlines to help you stay on track.

20. Campus Books

Campus Books features a search tool to help you find the best price on textbooks and helps you sell or donate books you no longer need. Through Campus Books, you have the opportunity to rent or buy textbooks from retail websites or other students. Campus Books is also available as an iPhone app.

21. PI83 Graphing Calculator

For those with an iPhone, this app eliminates the need to buy an expensive TI83 graphing calculator. Like the TI83, the PI83 creates graphs and solves algebraic, trigonometric, and statistical problems. At only 99 cents as opposed to the $100 or so that a graphing calculator can run, the PI83 can save students significant money for other school supplies.

22. BigWords.com

BigWords.com is a textbook price comparison tool available on the Internet and the iPhone. The iPhone app allows students to compare prices while out at the bookstore to make sure they are getting the best price for books on their required reading list.

23. MyNoteIt.com

MyNoteIt.com is a comprehensive social network for students. You can share class notes with others, form online groups with other students in your classes, and create a class schedule, assignment calendar, and to-do list to stay organized. The site also sends reminders about upcoming assignment deadlines, tests, and quizzes.

24. Android Agenda Widget

The Android Agenda Widget is a free app that syncs content from a variety of calendars to help you keep track of all your daily commitments. It comes in ten different sizes and the display is attractive, easy to use, and very customizable, with a large selection of skins, color schemes, and text styles.

25. YouNote Lite

YouNote Light is a free iPhone or iPad app that lets you take text, audio, picture, or web notes and access them whenever you need to on your mobile device or home computer. You can organize notes through tags, color coding, and other categories to find what you need easily.